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Power Yoga class blends the traditions of Hatha and Vinyasa into a dynamic fusion of strength, endurance, and mindful movement. Experience the essence of Power Yoga as you
move through a series of holding poses to build both physical strength and mental resilience, while also seamlessly linking breath to movement to cultivate a sense of flow and
presence on the mat. Through our dynamic sequences, you’ll also engage in cardio conditioning that elevates your heart rate, boosts your metabolism, and leaves you feeling
energized and revitalized. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, this class is designed to challenge and inspire you. Join us on the mat and embark on a journey
to strength, balance, and mindfulness.

For pricing and registration, download the Bē Health App.

1. Download the app to register: https://www.sjchs.org/be-health-and-well-being/be-health-app
2. SJC Health questionnaire and waiver: https://www.sjchs.org/be-health…/be-health-questionnaire/

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