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In this tranquil space, we embark on a profound exploration of our energy centers and chakras, unlocking the potential to release stored energy and promote a healthy work-life
balance. Through a carefully curated blend of gentle stretches and opening postures, we create space for healing and restoration. Each movement is designed to encourage a
profound sense of relaxation and release, allowing tensions to melt away and energy to flow freely throughout the body. Join us in our Restorative Yoga class and experience the
profound benefits of deep relaxation, energy alignment, and emotional balance.

For pricing and registration, download the Bē Health App.

1. Download the app to register: https://www.sjchs.org/be-health-and-well-being/be-health-app
2. SJC Health questionnaire and waiver: https://www.sjchs.org/be-health…/be-health-questionnaire/

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